I got my degree in Architecture and Urbanism in June of 2012 from PUC-MG, and in March of 2013, I started my master’s degree in the Department of Structural Engineering at UFMG.

During the master’s course, in a lecture designed to choose the area and the counselor, I chose to talk to Professor Fakury, who has extensive experience with large structures.

At that time it was he who suggested the theme for the research, trying to make a connection between architecture and structural engineering. However, the topic covered required many other connections (which were being discovered throughout the research) such as urban, design and electrical engineering.

This interdisciplinarity and the chance to see new areas was a great challenge, but it was a fantastic experience.

The research and master’s degree were completed in 2015, but still leaving several points and issues that can still be worked on and improved. Because of that came the desire of continuing the project, but with a new context and new challenges.

Know more about this research on the links below:

Video I – First study of form;

Video II – Final design – result.


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