The idea of creating “Exploring the Space” appeared around January 2017 and little by little the project was taking shape until the proposal to become a blog was reached. In order to find out more about the connection between people, architecture, and space this blog was born.

Years ago, more precisely, in 2014, the desire to explore a bit more about space, its complexity and the daily challenges in it, resulted in my master dissertation titled “Electricity transmission tower: new design and the challenges of insertion in the urban context“. Somehow, since this essay was started my conception about different subjects began changing. Because of that this dissertation and what it means for me, it will be a reference very quoted here.

After the conclusion of this dissertation, it was evident for me that the subject which was developed could be explored further and with different types of approach and context.

That means we can go much further by exploring not only space, but people, especially human behavior through architecture, design, and art in general.

Finally, I decided to share with you experiences, findings, doubts, questions and learnings. Maybe one day this shared experience might become a doctoral thesis.

I will be counting on you for help, tips, bibliographical references, suggestions and hearing about your experiences. Any help, in order to contribute to the development of this project, will be very much appreciated.

By Kma


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